Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Zandra Vs. Meushi

This illustration took me awhile! I actually started it about a week ago, but just started working on it again earlier this week, and finally finished it! I had a lot of fun with the effects, and this was really the first time I played around with blurring various elements to give a piece more depth. Such a simple thing to do, yet it adds so much! 

So this is one of the recent scenes that happened in The Nays. One of my favorite fights, too. Zandra fought against Meuishi during the World Leader Exam. The portion of this fight where they fight within Meuishi's mind was probably my favorite part of the fight actually, but this proved for a better composition than my other drafts. Meushi's theme is Join Me in Death by HIM, so it played during this part (and I listened to it the full 5 hours that I drew this).

The final illustration!

And here is the process of how I got there:

First I did some initial thumbnails of various scenes. I didn't end up going with any of these.

And this was the shot I decided to go with. Initial sketches and figuring things out.

 Then came lineart!

And coloring

Added some shading

Then some effects!

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