Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yoisuf & Skick

Some recent character drawings!

Yoisuf is the coolest member of Meteor Age. He is very popular, so everyone in the club wants to be his friend. He used to be Rotle's best friend, until he found out Rotle's secret and revealed it to the leader of Meteor Age. This upped Yoisuf's popularity, leaving his old best friend as the geekiest one, and later led to him being kicked out of the band and club overall. Yoisuf is very manipulative and can seem super nice to be around, but he often uses his friends to better himself and hurts people in the long run. Even some of the little kids look up to him and strive to be as cool as him.

Skick is a very polite man who works at the Demonica Resort. He looks to please his customers at any cost. He looks to pamper those who visit, and is very good at persuading them to stay longer.

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