Monday, October 12, 2015

User Interface Design

So recently I've been delving into user interface design and creating a bunch of ideas. It's always been something I've been interested in, just something I haven't applied to my own personal projects nearly as much as I should be! So that's why I'm fixing that and pumping out a bunch of different ones for various game ideas.

A sample shop menu I created for a short un-planned game I made on the spot. I actually created these assets in Photoshop, then imported them into RPG Maker VX Ace. This is the actual screenshot of it working in-game.

And then this is actual gameplay of the game from above. This is one of the choices in particular, and in the top corner, it displays one of the gameplay mechanics (since Arianna is the protagonist, it only makes sense...)

This was another sample GUI that I created for a game.

And this was an action battle that I created for the above game. It took me a whole night to get it to work correctly, but it's probably the best battle I've made in a game yet!

And then this is for the other game I've been dedicating most of my energy into (I posted some GUIs for it awhile back). This game isn't going to have pixel art actually, but I wanted to create a pixel art GUI to look more like an old SNES game, so I used a scene from that game as practice, and mostly for concept art reasons.

And this was an interesting test that I did where I tried to make a GUI and graphics style to look like it was drawn by a little kid.

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