Thursday, October 1, 2015

Puordo & Frank

Some daily characters! Slowly trying out new coloring styles, too.

Puordo is a very welcoming member of the Grove who always makes tea for her guests. She is always very overly emotional and expresses her emotions very dramatically. She is usually in a very good mood and will do whatever she can to help out her friends. Puordo is never judgmental and always gives people a second chance if they mess up.

Frank is a very happy young orphan boy who usually will go with the flow. He tends to befriend girls much more easier than boys, so Zandra and Iksha were two of his closest friends growing up. Because of Iksha's doll obsession, he too enjoys playing with dolls. Frank's dream is to one day live in a house and purchase a pet turtle and a digital pet. Though currently, he lives at the dump with his friends, and will often steal things from Zandra's house to add to his collection.

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