Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pearl Screenshot & Process

I've always wanted to do a fake screenshot for The Nays, and now I finally got around to doing one! This illustration was done in a style a little more realistic than my usual work, too. Mainly because I wanted it to look a lot more serious/intense. 

I created this illustration based off of a journal entry that I did earlier in the week, and you can read the full scene here. After listening to Dreams of An Absolution by Bentley Jones, I got super inspired to actually illustrate the scene (since that's the song that plays during this part). I'm really excited to start making new stuff in the consecutive The Nays story. Even though this scene isn't for another like 5 eventures, it still got me super worked up and inspired to create more!

Here's the final fake screenshot I created!
You can check out the uncut version here if you're interested.

And below is the process!

Started with the sketch.

 Then some basic lineart (and a base color for Pearl).

 Filled in the base colors for Pearl and the background.

Then I did some shading and adding details.

And then added some special effects and cropped it in for a better composition.

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