Monday, October 19, 2015

Namid & Zhelir

Some recent character drawings!

Namid is a native of the woods in PS World who rescued Elfno when he was in danger. She has a strange attraction to Elfno and will do anything to help him out. Although she wants him to stay and live in the woods with her, she is understanding when it is time for him to leave. Namid does not speak English very well, so she will often say "It Elfno!"

Zhelir is the greeter of Outlaw Bar who can sometimes be mistaken for as a statue. He stands perfectly still and repeats the phrase "Welcome to Outlaw Bar!" in a monotonous voice, every time that someone enters. He is very fierce and no one messes with him. He also serves as a body guard who will break up fights that start up, or tone down the level of trouble caused.

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