Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sketching The Nays

Some recent character drawings!

Doodle I did of Elfno and Scott, since they don't get drawn enough.

A quick little chibi drawing of Zandra, since I haven't drawn anything like that in years.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pixel Art

I've been wanting to create more pixel art sprites, so I decided to make a couple for fun.

Some tests of Zandra.

And one of Gair.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trophus & Crofton

Some more daily characters!

Trophus is a bird-in-watching from the south who calls kids feisty when they are misbehaving. He isn't very responsible, so usually isn't put in charge by himself. He is pretty lazy overall and hates his job, only doing it for the money and status. Trophus doesn't really do well with kids in general. He has the ability to freeze his enemies when they get mad.

Crofton is the very energetic imaginary friend of Grenna. Although he is extremely tiny, he is always trying to make order and act bigger than he is. He has a pretty big ego and likes to take control of things. Crofton is always full of energy and can often be seen jumping around to try and get Grenna's attention.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A few more days left of Inktober! But I've been keeping up, and I feel like I've been spending more time on them.

Day 24: SkullKnightmon

Day 25: Kokomon 

 Day 26: WereGarurumon

Day 27: Pumpmon

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Arabella & Myra

Some more daily characters! I used references for these poses (trying to get back in the habit of using references for my art more often).

Arabella is a strict World Leader Exam Judge who is not afraid to fail those who do not meet her standards. She is one of Malik's elite officials who has high authority in the Timeless Abyss. She is very straight-forward with feedback and does not cover any of the truth.

Myra is part of the tech support branch at the Braves Company. He resides in Celia's house as a worker, ever since he escaped the Odustra country with some others from the Teso clan. Myra has a pretty big ego since he's very good at doing his job. He will often treat his cousin Shaw as a younger brother, and enjoys poking fun at him often. Myra is very professional and composed.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Mall Life Drawings

It's been awhile since I was able to go out and do life drawings in my sketchbook, but I managed to do these in the mall while waiting for my dinner a few weeks ago.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Orangin & Seiken

Some more daily characters!

Orangin is known as the "orange ninja" who hails from the Rainbow Ninja Clan. He is a very powerful ninja whose specialty is ninjutsu. He trained Karma and helped her learn how to fight as a ninja. Orangin is very serious and usually is quite strict. He never puts his guard down and has trouble trusting others.

Seiken is a man with a vendetta against the Teso tribe because of something in the past. He hires professional assassins to help him take out his vengeance and other evil deeds.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Inktober's Almost Over!

I've been keeping up on Inktober, but it's almost over. I'll probably only end up having one more Inktober post after this one.

Day 23: SkullMeramon

Day 22: WaruMonzaemon

Day 21: Piemon

Day 20: Whamon

Day 19: Ogremon

Day 18: Vademon

Day 17: Evilmon

Day 16: Vegiemon

Friday, October 23, 2015

Ultra-sect-oid & Noight

Some of my daily characters!

Ultra-sect-oid is JrTr's imaginary friend who shares his big ego. He always claims to know exotic facts, even if they are not always true. He never admits he's wrong and has a very "know-it-all" personality. He also tries to make friends with a lot of people, but because of his off-putting personality, most people don't really get along with him.

Noight is Gozo's best friend who helps run the Gozo Burger. Although, Gozo does whatever he can to not put Noight in charge, because when Noight is in charge, he will charge the customers by their grade in school (so a 1st grader could buy as much as he wants for $1). This may bring in a lot of business for the Gozo Burger, but also makes them lose a lot of money. Noight is overly generous and kind. He is often bullied by the other Big Kids for hanging out with the Little Kids and helping them out.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Art Trades!

A few pieces I got around to doing that didn't involve my characters.

An Art Trade that I did for an artist on deviantART!

Another Art trade I did for someone on deviantART.

And this is a little fanart piece (not an art trade, but different from what I usually post). I ended up beating Paper Mario 2 last week (since I never got around to finishing it 11 years ago). Weird coincidence that I literally just started playing it the day before the 11 year anniversary of it first coming out (also the day that I drew this)! Crazy that it's been so long, since it was the last really good Mario game I played. But anyway, Vivian was my favorite partner and I'm just about to get her in my game! Also I decided to try a lineless approach on this one. It was interesting, but I still enjoy lineart too much to do this very often.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hoedown Fox & Miaki

Some daily characters!

Hoedown Fox is an ex-Muko Inc. worker who used to be in the tech support branch. He has created his own group in hopes to become a World Leader and create a World that rivals Aiml World. He wants to be a more powerful ruler than Muko, and perhaps one day become the leader of that World if he ends up not wanting to create his own. Hoedown Fox has very high expectations for his future and always changes his mind about what he actually wants.

Miaki is a secretary who helps run The Worlds Restoration Association. She is very organized, and very strict when sticking to the rules. She is the one who runs Demonica while The Nays are gone, and plans to help the effort to turn that World into a resort.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pearl Screenshot & Process

I've always wanted to do a fake screenshot for The Nays, and now I finally got around to doing one! This illustration was done in a style a little more realistic than my usual work, too. Mainly because I wanted it to look a lot more serious/intense. 

I created this illustration based off of a journal entry that I did earlier in the week, and you can read the full scene here. After listening to Dreams of An Absolution by Bentley Jones, I got super inspired to actually illustrate the scene (since that's the song that plays during this part). I'm really excited to start making new stuff in the consecutive The Nays story. Even though this scene isn't for another like 5 eventures, it still got me super worked up and inspired to create more!

Here's the final fake screenshot I created!
You can check out the uncut version here if you're interested.

And below is the process!

Started with the sketch.

 Then some basic lineart (and a base color for Pearl).

 Filled in the base colors for Pearl and the background.

Then I did some shading and adding details.

And then added some special effects and cropped it in for a better composition.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Namid & Zhelir

Some recent character drawings!

Namid is a native of the woods in PS World who rescued Elfno when he was in danger. She has a strange attraction to Elfno and will do anything to help him out. Although she wants him to stay and live in the woods with her, she is understanding when it is time for him to leave. Namid does not speak English very well, so she will often say "It Elfno!"

Zhelir is the greeter of Outlaw Bar who can sometimes be mistaken for as a statue. He stands perfectly still and repeats the phrase "Welcome to Outlaw Bar!" in a monotonous voice, every time that someone enters. He is very fierce and no one messes with him. He also serves as a body guard who will break up fights that start up, or tone down the level of trouble caused.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Character Development!

Been doing some character drawings for fun when I get the time to. Some of these projects have been attempts to develop my existing character designs a little more.

It's been awhile since I made a finished drawing for myself (other than daily characters), so I put this together. I was testing out some new techniques in this and trying to make it a little more shape-oriented than my usual stuff; using more straight lines, unifying the colors better, etc.

Part of a project that I haven't worked on in awhile. I'm basically drawing my characters in a bunch of different costumes to show how they've changed over time. Grenna is actually one of the characters that I've drawn the least, even though he's in one of the six main. Since Grenna is a lot more proper and serious, I made sure to give him more formal and ornate attire. Also since he was one of the strongest in the beginning, he also wears a lot of armor and protective equipment.

Another part of the above project. This one's one of my main characters, Ralphie! I haven't drawn many different costumes for him until now, so it was fun to pick some clothes for him that fit with his personality, especially for the corresponding moments in the story.

Also did  this little marker doodle of Gojo for fun.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hou & Drogo

Some daily characters!

Hou is a wanted hunter in PS World, who hunts people in addition to animals. He is very dangerous and never misses his target. He's a very angry man who enjoys causing pain to others. It is wise to never mess with him.

Drogo is the very outgoing imaginary friend of Gair. He keeps his friends close and has trouble meeting new people, but once he gets talking to them, it usually isn't too hard from there. He has a very interesting vocabulary and usually provides comic relief. He has pretty similar characteristics to Gair and gets confused very easily.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Halfway through Inktober!

I've been keeping up with my daily Inktober drawings! Halfway through October, it's crazy!

Day 15: Wizardmon

Day 14: Keramon

Day 13: Datamon

Day 12: Dracumon

Day 11: Gazimon

Day 10: Impmon