Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break Characters

These are some of the characters that I did over spring break.

Heri Cots Vert is one of Veetoff's followers who will do whatever Veetoff wishes. He is always found at Veetoff's side, and is referred to as one of "Veetoff's slaves" by Gair. He does not have much of a mind on his own, but does not hesitate to aid Veetoff whenever he is given permission to. Although he is not considered a friend to Veetoff, they are both members of the Teso clan, and grew up together. Heri Cots Vert is fairly reserved and never opens up to anyway, though his soft side is actually seen when he is around Casmella, because of her love for him.

Flak is a very outgoing bird that is very deceitful. He will often pretend he is something that he is not, until people begin to believe him. He is very tricky and great at fooling people into believing his lies. He may look like he is very dopey, but he is actually very sly and sneaky.

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