Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shouji & Gashil

Some characters I had designed in the past. It was fun to re-draw them.

Gashil is a very serious man who does not mess around. He gets right down to business and is always prepared for battle. He comes from AV World, so growing up he was forced to decide whether or not he was to serve the king or become part of the resistance. Being a part of the resistance, he was always forced to have a secretive approach to his actions and was able to move about in a sneaky manner. Since he has become an R Nay, he has been a co-leader, working under R.

Shouji is a mangaka who is one of the two leaders of SN World. He likes to be alone and will almost always be seen drawing. Shouji does not enjoy having visitors to his World, and will often charge them a toll for staying in his World. Although, Shouji is a bit more understanding than his partner Norio, and is helpful in times of crisis or urgent events. Usually he is very polite and caring to guests when they first arrive, and only becomes forceful when they have overstayed their welcome.

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