Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rough Days

These were rough days, so my character drawings didn't come out to the quality of my previous ones unfortunately. I've been struggling to really even do these drawings because of the immense amount of homework and other obligations, but it's really something that will help me in the long run with being more productive, so I'm trucking through and keeping it going.

Terra likes to talk to many people, even if they do not particularly like him. He is very easily offended, which causes many of the other Nays to dislike him. Ralphie and his friends still treat him with respect however. Terra was trained as a martial artist by the master Earl Gray, although compared to the others, he is fairly weak. After a particularly traumatizing event, he begins to act much more serious, somber, and angry.

Electric Ying Ying is a very smart cheetah that works on the roof of the Power Station of Biggert City. He is not very social and usually keeps to himself, aside from when he is working with his best friend, Buzz. He is always doing lab experiments with his partner Buzz, and together, they eventually revive an alien life-form from the dead that wrecks havoc on Biggert City.

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