Sunday, March 1, 2015

Older Characters

These characters were ones that I definitely made up a long time ago (back in grade school), but their designs have obviously been updated a bit. So it was fun to draw some old characters to really have a visual image of my improvement since I first drew them.

Basa is the leader of the Field Ravens, and commonly referred to as "Boss" by his team. He is a very strong leader, who has a passion for flying. Aside from leading the Field Ravens, he loves to fly airships and dreams to become a pilot once Death is defeated. Besides the Field Ravens, he is mostly alone, because of the unfortunate events that happened to his family. Even though he has been through a lot, he always has a huge smile on his face and wants to comfort everyone that he can, so that no one will have to suffer through what he has.

Nickel Boy is a homeless kid who does not remember his name. He responds to the name Nickel Boy because Chozu and Ralphie call him that, after he continuously asks the group for a nickel. He is very humble and does not ask for much help, even though he is in a very difficult situation. He will ask for nickels to slowly build up enough money to buy food to survive, but he feels bad asking for anything more.

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