Saturday, March 14, 2015

North Harbor Characters

These two are both from North Harbor, The Nays' home town. This meaning they used to be very different designs when I made them up about 10 years ago, but now they're much more solidified and improved. My brother actually re-designed them, I just drew final versions based on his designs.

 Dendrite is a very strange creature that is the Mayor of North Harbor. He enjoys writing music stories in his off time, when he is not working. Dendrite does not have many close friends, but he loves to socialize with most people, regardless. When he is made fun of, he takes a lot of offense and usually wishes to punish them in some way.

 Taylor is a pro-wrestler who is known as "The Exploding Iris." He is pretty irresponsible and carefree. Taylor always seems to be pretty laid-back and positive, regardless. He is a fairly popular wrestler, even starring in his own video game.

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