Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Familiar Re-designs

These two are characters I made a reallly long time ago. The Ha He Ha Dog was actually created when I was probably in like 2nd grade, while Harukame (whose name is slowly changing to Haru, possibly) was created in early high school. Their designs are drastically different from their originals, but that's the fun part about re-designing old characters.

 The Ha He Ha Dog was named after a song that he sings while punching his fists up in the air. It is a song that is TGWTLT's favorite, but also one adored by the members of Vacation Spot. He was once a very friendly and happy dog who hung out with the Vacation Spot crew, but he is now a pet of TGWTLT and will do anything he commands, especially kidnapping The Nays. The Ha He Ha Dog has the ability to hypnotize others into performing his dance, and he is almost always seen doing it himself.

Haru is the leader of Party Sanctuary World. He is very powerful, but he usually does not have to come into battle much unless it is a very difficult fight. Haru is very calm and does not interact with The Nays very often unless it is Gair or JrTr. He has a connection with those two, especially Gair, for currently unknown reasons. He has chosen these two to be the successors of Party Sanctuary World after his two children, and is always found testing them or training them to make them stronger. He treats the two of them as if they were his own children.

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