Monday, March 23, 2015

Before & After Spring Break

This is the difference between about a weeks worth of characters. Ches was drawn before break and Dark Thunder was drawn towards the end of break.

Ches is a very angry rebel who will do whatever is "cool" or currently "in." His main hobby is skateboarding, and he always does what he can to go against the law, because he thinks it will make him more "cool." Ches has a very bad temper and will often say "I don't feel like doing this anymore" when he is upset. He talks very briskly and has a pretty bad attitude overall, which explains why he doesn't really have any friends besides Larry.

Dark Thunder is a powerful creature with the ability to teleport. He does not speak very much and is mostly found training on his own in the mountains. He resides at the Saku house as a guest because he is a member of Jaboo's gang. Whenever anyone messes with him, they usually do not live to tell the stories.

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