Monday, March 16, 2015

Anti-Hero Characters

These characters both happen to be characters that either started out as good guys and became bad, or vice-versa. El Pubby started out bad, while Tomocumber started out good, so it's a fun coincidental contrast here.

El Pubby is a very competitive small cat that has a huge rivalry with Pubby over who the "true Pubby" is. At first the two of them hate each other, but eventually they become close friends. El Pubby is pompous and hates making a fool of himself in front of others, so he will do everything in his power to make up excuses for his mistakes or lie his way through them.

Tomocumber used to be a very silly boy who was best friends with Thing. He was once a young carefree boy who was not very intelligent, but once he reunited with his parents, Yana and Pealo, he changed. On the realization that his mission was to kill Thing, he turned into a serious boy with a will to carry out his mission. He now views Thing as an enemy and is very forceful in carrying out his mission.

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