Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Amber & Sid

These are some character drawings that I've been a lot happier with.

Sid is both a scientist and inventor who works on many different experiments and inventions. He has a goal to rule over The Worlds, but every time he tries, he fails miserably. Sometimes Sid will even lose control of his own creations and seek help from others in order to fix his mistakes. Although he is an enemy of The Nays, he does not mind teaming up with them in certain situations.

Amber is a girl who overly cares about her looks and does everything she can to look "attractive." She wears very little and tight clothing; she puts on a lot of make-up and straightens her hair every morning. Amber secretly tries to impress the boy she cares for, Shaw, but he does all but notice her at all. Besides her taking care of her appearance, Amber also trains under her teacher alongside her siblings and Zandra. She is also a very stubborn girl who puts herself much higher than others, and believes no one is allowed to say anything bad about her or else she will either hate them or immediately retaliate with her own angry comments. Amber is not liked by many outside of her own group because of her mean personality, but with her friends, she is somewhat nicer.

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