Friday, March 27, 2015

After Spring Break

Although I got back to classes about a week ago, these were some of the characters I did the first two days I was back.

Josinda is a very tough member of the Big Kid Group in Biggert City. He loves playing baseball and is always heard singing a song when he goes up to bat. Josinda is one of the members that enjoys engaging in fights, most often. He will often be seen beating up creatures younger than him.

Kudamono is a large man who is feared by many. He is the leader of a group of killers who enjoy playing "The Game," a game where two teams kill one another in a maze-like dark room. Kudamono has never lost at "The Game" and so he has killed countless people. He is a wanted man by all of Mr Dude World, but he is very good at staying undercover and hiding from the officials.

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