Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Painting Nays

I've been super busy preparing for Christmas, so not too much to show, aside from my daily characters. But I have been trying out a more painted style the past weekend. I used it mostly in a Christmas gift (that I will be posting after it is given), but you can check it out in my Snull drawing below. That said, I have spent about 10 hours this past week on a Christmas gift for my brother, so look forward to that being posted in the next day or so.

Snull is a very outgoing young demon who stays by Ralphie's side and calls him "Rafie." Her past is very unknown, but from how she acts, it is quite apparent that she did not like her life back in the Demon World. Snull's unusual voice and her strong attraction to Ralphie causes Gair and JrTr to make fun of her often, so she will mostly stay by Ralphie's side, or talk to her best friend, Baw.

The Guy Who Talks Like This' (TGWTLT) World is the first World that The Nays visit as a group. At first he is someone that The Nays really like and they enjoy his fun attitude. He is always very cheerful and will do almost anything to entertain The Nays and keep them in his World. When they realize that he is actually an antagonist who plans to keep them in his World forever, they turn on him and look to him as an evil being. TGWTLT still loves The Nays except for the select few who revealed his true motives. He will always try to convince The Nays to come to his World to play games because he is so attached to them. There are times where he is even so desperate that he will take over The Nays and attack them.

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