Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nays with Lighting

Still continuing on with using more brushes and lighting techniques on these daily characters. It's been a lot of fun to really play around with different techniques. I've been more satisfied with how these are coming out (for the most part), so that's a plus.

Kali is a mysterious demon girl, though she does reveal her occupation to all of The Nays when they first meet her: she is a professional assassin. Although she never admits her true goal of which one of The Nays she was sent to kill until much later; she ended up passing The Nays exam to become one of The Nays, and sent all of her opponents to the emergency room besides one. Kali has a sneaky nature and is able to hide her presence easily at nighttime. One of her greatest abilities is the ability to control time; she can freeze time for short periods, and is able to hide herself in the shadows with great skill. She will talk to pretty much anyone, but she is closest friends with Piko and Shaw.

Arashi is the daughter of Harukame who watches over the area outside the Party Place in Party Sanctuary World. She is also very active in Beddy Bye World, since she is the one who warns The Nays when there is a Stormazark warning; which is where her nickname "Ms. Storm Warner" originates from. Arashi lives on her own for the most part and she is always moving around from place to place. Arashi is rarely found at one location for a long period of time, and is always watching over to make sure that everyone in Party Sanctuary World is safe. Arashi also is in charge of making sure that foreigners to Party Sanctuary World are thoroughly checked before entering and she makes sure that they are not dangerous.

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