Friday, December 19, 2014

Drawing on Printer Paper!

I started drawing a lot more traditionally this week, since it's been taking some time to get used to using my Tablet again. So I've been doing a lot of quicker drawings. And I've actually discovered that drawing on printer paper can be a lot more fun than drawing in a sketchbook. I tried this out thanks to Heidi Smith's recommendation at CTN. I've also been redrawing old drawings a lot, just because those are always fun to see the improvement.

A bunch of sketches I did this week.

These are the sketches side-by-side with the originals.
(I think I have improved a bit)

And then I did a few beat board sketches for one of my Eventures. I was initially thinking about actually creating a few finished beat boards out of my favorite moments, but I'm not sure how happy I was with these thumbnails.

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