Monday, December 22, 2014

Daily Nays

I've been continuing my Nay-a-Day project when I can. Christmas preparations have been keeping me fairly busy though, but I'm sure once all the holidays are over, I will be back to doing a lot more art. I'll be much more rested by then, hopefully, as well.

Mikey is a weird ferret who longs to make friends. He is an orphan who only lives with other animals who cannot talk. Mikey became friends with Gojo when he first moved to North Harbor, but when reuniting with him later, Gojo was very cold to him, which broke his heart. Mikey always tries to befriend Gojo and is completely obsessed with him, even though Gojo always beats him up. In Mikey's free time, he either cries or uses Big Magic.

Valcia is a very active fox, and always seems to want to play. She loves the wilderness and enjoys being with her friends. She always wants people to notice her and hates being alone.

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