Friday, June 6, 2014

Off to Camp!

I will be away from a computer for the next three weeks, working at iD Tech Camp. So I just wanted to post all of this stuff I've been rushing to do before I leave. It's been super crazy busy time preparing for camp, while working on my own stuff, but I'm definitely looking forward to camp, since it sounds like a lot fun!

So my brother is working on a game this month, and I ended up coming up with these designs for the characters. They're still super rough and might even end up changing in the future, who knows. But I basically just sketched them out and threw some color on. These also gave me some challenges since I struggle a lot with drawing hats and robots. But it was a fun challenge to pull through with!

Pokemon of the Day!


  1. Hope you had a blast at the camp! You should be back now I think. Sounds like you were teaching? If so, thats quite an experience! :-)

  2. I'm actually teaching at camp for two more weeks! It's been really awesome. I have been teaching kids how to create video games. The main class I have been teaching has been about making RPGs, using GUTs, which is for modding Torchlight II. I have also done a little bit of teaching about 3D Level Design using Hammer for Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2. I'm definitely going to make a massive blog post when I come back from camp to describe it some more. But they flew me out to Texas this past week to work there for a week and I just got back today. So that was quite an experience!