Thursday, August 1, 2013

July is Over?

I've gotta say, the first few months of summer went by really slow, but July went pretty fast. It's exciting that the end of August is approaching faster, but there's an awful lot I need to get done by then.

"080: Slowbro"
Pokemon of the Day!

After listening to Stephen Silver's Art Cast, I learned that the main thing that made him improve was doing caricatures. So I decided to practice doing some digital portraits in a few different styles. Originally I had planned on drawing caricatures, but then I realized I need practice doing portraits first. So it's kind of mixed, I guess.
(All images were referenced from

Some more gestures from Oliver & Company.

Had some time for gestures while waiting for food at Burger Nuts.



  1. Burger Nuts? that place sounds randomly delicious. Really enjoying the caricatures!

    1. Thank you!
      Burger Nuts is a local burger shop and they are very delicious. :)