Monday, May 13, 2013

Start of the Summer!

So yesterday was my first real full day of summer, and it also happened to be Mother's Day. So I started up a sketch journal that I'm going to be filling for the summer. The days will be for the previous date, since I sketch right before bed. If all goes well, I will try and update my blog daily with at least the sketch journal page. We'll see how that goes though.

Here's the first day.

"Pubby Re-Designing and Others"
I tried to get more of a final re-design for Pubby here. I think I'm gonna go with the one with the check mark next to it. At the bottom I also drew Zandra and Gair. I'm trying to fill up the pages with bigger sketches instead of drawing a bunch of small sketches on a page. It'll take some practice, but it should be worth it.

"Laura Mansfield's Birthday"
This was a little gift I made for my friend, Laura Mansfield since her birthday was on Friday.

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