Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Made a Demo Reel

So I'm officially starting into the last week of this semester. It kind of feels like it flew by and I don't really feel ready to leave for now. But anyway, this might be my last blog post before I'm on summer break.

"Animation II Demo Reel"
For my Animation II class, our final was to make a demo reel of all of our projects this year, including the roughs and various stages that it has went through.

"CFD Sketchbook Pages"
Some more additions to my on-going sketchbook project in Commercial Figure Drawing. These are actually my last pages of filling up the sketchbook.

"Pokemon Sketches"
My friends and I have been really in the mood for Pokemon this weekend, so these are some sketches of Pokemon that I did. The first half in pen were all pretty much without references.


  1. Happy birthday, Michelle! I was trying to find a website you would check more than Gaia when I stumbled on this. I hadn't seen any of your art for a long time. You make cool stuff!! Hopefully we'll see you sometime this summer--maybe at Kathy and Anthony's house once they get their awesome pool!

    1. Thanks, Becky! :D
      Yeah I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you guys again at some point this summer!