Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back from Canada!

I'm back from my family trip to Canada! It was a really fun weekend and we ended up doing a bunch of cool stuff. Other than relaxing and just hanging out with my family, I also got in a bunch of sketches! Most of these were done in the hotel room or in the car rides.

My Sketch Journal pages that I did daily over the few days.

I decided to re-design Jennie Hamilton, one of my characters, since I WAS in Hamilton in Canada.

These are a bunch of environment studies that I did, most of which were done in the car ride. I did a few in the hotel as well. Unfortunately I only brought a few colored pencils with me, so I was pretty limited on colors I could use.

 I did some gestures while in the car of people in the city. A few of these are also of my family from either in the car or the hotel room. The last ones in pen include some environment studies I did in the car too.

Some little doodles that didn't come out the best. A marker doodle of the fireplace in our hotel and then some fanart and random doodles I did after coming back from Anime North.

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