Thursday, July 12, 2012

So Little Time

First off sorry I haven't updated in a really long time. I haven't had too much time to update, but I have been doing at least sketches and stuff recently. I went on my family vacation and my brother's been home, so I've been spending time with family a lot as of recently and haven't had all that much time to myself or time to dedicate to my art as much as usual. But anyway, here's all I've been able to do:

"You Stole My Dreams"
Rocko, the man on the left, is jealous and angry at his cousin Harukame, the man on the right, right after Harukame passes the World Leader Exam. So this is basically the last time that the two of them interact with one another. This occurs during Harukame's Past, a part that I typed out about a half a month ago. The setting that they are in is the Timeless Abyss, home of Malik.

"Slanktin Fighters Character Shots"
These are some of the character shots I did for my Slanktin Fighters game that I'm working on. They are: JrTr, Pubby, and Firebreath.

"Opko Quick Portrait Sketch"
This is a digital portrait based off of the sketch below.

"PS Chat Portraits"

Some portraits I did of characters I haven't drawn all that much. I hope to go over these digitally soon (I have started, but not finished).

"Rotle/R Sketches"

Some really quick sketches I did of R last night.

"Phantasy Star II Sketches"
I started a game in Phantasy Star II Monday and actually liked it. So I decided to draw all of the characters I had met as of about halfway through Monday.

"Gair/Zandra Doodles"

Some really quick doodles I did Sunday night. I was exhausted, but had to draw something, so that's my excuse for them turning out so rough.

"Biggert City Power Outage Sketches"
So my power went out for about 20 hours, starting Saturday afternoon. I couldn't sleep so I just starting drawing these at like 4 am with a lantern as my only light source.

"Nays Re-designs"
A bunch of re-designs I did of some of my characters from The Nays.

"First Generation Nays Sketches"
Some sketches of the First Generation Nays (who appeared before The Nays began).

"Slanktin Fighters Sketches"
Some sketches I did of characters to appear in my Slanktin Fighters game.

 "Vacation Sketches"
I drew all of these quick sketches in my hotel room over vacation. I was only able to do one quick page a day because we were so busy.

Just some figure drawing practice I did.

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  1. Nice. I wish I worked digitally as much as you.