Friday, June 22, 2012

A lot of Sketching

So lately I've been sketching A LOT more. And I've been doing less Digital Art... Oh well. By the way, I finished up my website, so you can check that out here.

 "Rescued Hostage"
Scott Rescues Megumi from Arctic's grip. This was one of my favorite parts of this portion of the story that I working on.

"Scott x Megumi Sketch"
This is the sketch of the above piece.

"Geek, No!"
A digital "crayon drawing" I did of my characters Lupita and Pay. I had pictured this to come out a bit better than it did, but oh well. It was just an experiment that I tried out and it kind of failed.

"Super Hero Scroll"
A really quick digital piece I did.

"Harukame's Past Sketches"
These are a bunch of sketches I did relating to my character, Harukmame's, past.

"Quick Nay Sketches"
Some quick sketches of my characters.

"War on PS World Sketches"
A few sketches I did of a certain part in my story.

"Nays Style Sketches"
Some more sketches of my characters.

"Hat Sketches"
Some sketches I did of my characters that wear hats.
"Pubby 6am Sketches"
Some concept sketches I did of Pubby one night.

Just some figure drawing practice.

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