Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Well so much for updating more than once a week, I haven't updated since last Sunday! So much crazy stuff has been going on that I just haven't gotten around to updating recently. But I've still been drawing amongst all this so this'll be a kind of bigger update, I guess.

"BubbleMan's Sorrow"
This is a drawing I did as an improvement meme. I redrew an old drawing I did back in 2010, but incorporated my new style, drawing skills, and improved the overall composition. This is Bubbleman from Mega Man 2; this piece was inspired by Hyadain's Bubbleman remix that can be found on Youtube.

A commission I did for my friend, Emma. This is her character, Determined Painter.

"Conan Sketches"
I did this page of sketches for my friend, Kayla.

"Expressive Nays Sketches"
Just some sketches I did of my characters, trying to show expression in their faces and poses.

"Sleepy Sketches"
I did these one night when I got little to no sleep, so I ended up falling asleep halfway through drawing these.

"Naruto Sketches"
Just some fanart I did of Naruto after watching some episodes of Shippuden.

"Gair Saku Expression Challenge"
I was trying to experiment with different expressions by doing the expression challenge on DA. I probably shouldn't have crammed them all on one page, but this was just practice so it's nothing all that great.

"Slanktin Fighters Sketches"
These are some more character sketches for the game I was planning on working on, Slanktin Fighters. I haven't been doing as many as I thought I would, but I'll have them all done hopefully by the end of the summer.

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