Friday, June 15, 2012

Fast Week

Wow, this week has been flying by. I feel like I JUST updated, but it was at the beginning of the week that I updated. I guess since I've been working on my age progression piece most of the week, it feels like I haven't done much art, even though I have been.

"Landscape Falls"
Here's a quick study that I did. I wanted to practice doing landscape digital paintings, so I did this.

"Scott Ragger - Age Progression"
And age progression study that I did of my character, Scott. I did this to practice drawing a character aging.

"Scott Ragger - Age Progression Sketch"
This is just a sketch of the above image.

"Sketchy Dreams"
I've been having some weird dreams lately, so I decided to sketch out some of the stuff I saw in my dreams.

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