Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back to Working on Projects

So I've decided to finally start working on some projects I had planned for myself. One of the main ones I'm planning on starting back up is working on some of my games I started awhile ago. Since the new RPGmaker VX Ace just came out about a month ago, I may need to try that out one day too. I've been sketching my characters mostly, and just working on The Nays in general. I also got a commission from one of my friends, so I'll have that done within the week as well.

"The Six Main M Nays"
This was originally part of a banner I was working on, but I kind of liked how this part came out and turned it into a separate piece.

"The Nays Banner Sketches"
Sketches for the above image. You can find the banner itself here.

"Slanktin Fighters Sketches"
Some sketches of the character facesets for my game I'm working on.

"Commission Sketch"
This is just the sketch of the commission I'm working on.

"Life of Scott Ragger"
Here's another one of those pages of the life of one of my characters.

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