Friday, October 6, 2017

Nays on the Twine: Moonwake Edition

I was really in the mood for writing, since I've been playing Dangan Ronpa V3, which has a lot of text to read. I decided I wanted to create choices, but I wanted to type in an environment that had more of a journal feel to it, so I wasn't going to create a game. Sooo Twine was the best idea I could come up with!

I made a new story since I didn't want to continue my first choose your own adventure story. But basically, you are following a girl named Iniko, who is a time traveler and goes back through time to experience various Eventures as if she were a Nay herself. The story starts out during the Nikeah Eventure where she is on a mission with Johnny. There are tons of conditions using random number generators and dice, but those rules are all written into a separate document. So far there have been 11 entries written, so these all correspond with those events.

This was a really fun event, so I'm excited to do more!

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