Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Death & Pobuck

Some more daily characters!

Death is an evil creature that has killed countless people throughout The Worlds. He is the son of The Gek, though Death does not like to admit that. Death hates his father and wants to wreck havoc his own way. He attempts to destroy The Gek's plan to keep The Nays in his World forever by trying to kill all of The Nays. Death controls the Death Association in the Demon World, and rules a large portion of that World. Because he is the only Deamon in that portion, the Demons respect him and fear his leadership. Death hides inside of the Rebirth Stone in order to obtain information he needs from The Nays, until Matoko breaks him out and he is forced to abandon that plan. Death is very manipulative and quite literally takes people over so that they will fight against their own friends.

Pobuck is a street artist who draws very crude portraits of his subjects. He often asks for requests so that he can improve his skills, but he is not very experimental and usually draws the same types of things over and over again. He is very good at talking people into buying his strange drawings though, so that is where he gains most of his money.

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