Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Final Eventure Doodles for awhile!

Since I'm going to be at camp starting today, I won't be doing Eventure Doodles for awhile. I got pretty far and almost caught up to where I am in writing, so I 'd say that's an accomplishment. I'd love to continue this project after the summer is over, maybe even drawing additional quotes that I picked out for previous Eventures!

Shaw and the other Nays take the World Leader Exam in hopes of unsealing their World.

 Shaw tells Malik that Kali needs to be at The Nays Banquet, celebrating the new World Leader because she's a main M Nay.

The Nays finally unseal Compass World so they are able to travel back home.

When The Nays go home, Ralphie tells Adrian about how Pubby went missing, so Adrian is determined to find his friend.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Return to Mr Marcus World

Sooooo over the past few weeks, me and my brother did this really fun event where The Nays went back to Mr Marcus World. They would draw a card from a deck, and that would determine which team they were on as well as which activity they did. The activities were super random and produced some really funny results. I'm only going to share the results that involved drawing.

Mr Marcus World Tests! 
Basically they had to draw from random prompts like a family member or friend, which were chosen by picking a random card from another separate deck of cards.
Johnny had to draw his "sibling." Since he's an only child, he chose to draw Skine, since Skine is like a brother to him.

Gostream had to draw his partner who was going at the same time as him. So that happened to be Megumi.

Clove had to draw whoever she was in love with, and that's JrTr.

Jennie had to draw her neighbor, so she drew some kid that she babysits named Ellie.

Google Name Searches!
These were so funny to do. We searched the first name of the Nay on Google and had to turn the first image result into them, by basically drawing over the images or using Photoshop editing techniques.



Random Wikipedia Article!
They had to go onto Wikipedia and choose the random option. It would take them to a random article, in which they had to illustrate one of the sentences on the page in black and white.

Team Logo!
 This activity was as simple as designing their team logos. They made up a team name based on the card suite and designed from there.
Scott was on the "Bloody Hearts" team.

Snull was on the "Lucky Rafie Shamrocks" which was the clubs suite.

Oekaki Drawing with the Mouse!
A very difficult activity. We had to draw on this Oekaki Board (which limits the file dimensions to 300x300 pixels), using only the mouse to draw. The prompts were chosen from this site, using a random number generator to randomize the prompts.
Kominushu had to illustrate a funeral (how ironic).

Blind Drawings!
This one was quite a challenge. We had to keep a pure black layer at 99% opacity at the top of the file and draw the partner on a layer beneath. So it was very difficult to see where you had left off last, meaning it is basically drawing blind, ESPECIALLY for the colors.
Mikey had to draw Finnchuk (and of course he added Gojo, because he's obsessed with him).

Left-Handed Challenge!

Since I didn't get to do any of the four left-handed challenges throughout, I did a bonus drawing at the end so I could try it out. I'm right-handed, so it was very challenging!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

E3 Life Drawings

I didn't get a whole lot of time to draw during E3, but these are the drawings I manage to do in the airport, food places, and while waiting in line to play games.

These were all done in the airport before I left Cleveland. 

Lots of sketches while I was in line at E3!

These were from Bruno's, a super good Italian Restaurant in Santa Monica.

I feel like I don't draw backgrounds or objects enough, so I doodled what was around me in the LAX airport.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Back from E3!

I had an awesome week at E3! It was crazy busy, but also lots of fun. I barely did any drawings other than life drawings, but these are the ones I did on the plane, in the airport, and in the hotel room at night.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Going to E3!!

This will be my last blog post until next week because I'll be busy at E3! I'm super excited to go, so it's been crazy packing and trying to finish everything up, since I'll be flying out to camp literally three days after I get back from E3. So here are some sketchbook pages from the past few days!

Since we finished up the Rectory of Reform Eventure, I wanted to sketch some of the new characters that were introduced on that Eventure.

I don't know who this character is, but I kinda want her to be a Nay, even if it means introducing her in an earlier part of the story. I still don't know her name or anything about her, but I kinda liked this drawing so I might do some work on refining her design at some point.

These were some doodles I did in the car ride yesterday. It was a super bumpy road so it was hard to draw, but this was a quick Music Mania session.

And then these are some doodles I did when I ate at Sumo Boy last month.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

End of the Preliminary World Leader Exam!

Annnnd these are finally the last Eventure Doodles of the Preliminary World Leader Exam! Also these are the last ones I'm going to be drawing for a week, since I'll be away at E3!

Zandra stops in Tag World to recruit members for her team, when Yaguzi gets in a fight with some Biggert City residents.

After Kali almost kills the officers in Frank Lady World, Maudit threatens to leave Kali's team for her rash actions.