Monday, May 15, 2017

I beat Persona 5!

104 hours later...

I finally finished Persona 5 Thursday night!! It is easily in my top 3 favorite games (if not top 1 or 2).

In celebration of beating it, I decided to draw all of the characters! Well all of the ones I started a social link with at least. I put my favorite characters and characters that I maxed out closer towards the middle, and kind of arranged them outwards from there. Futaba is overall my favorite I think, but I really love Sojiro, Ryuji, and Makoto a lot too. The only ones I did NOT finish were Yusuke, Chihaya, Kawakami, Iwai, Shinaya, and Haru (though Haru was at rank 9). I'll have to play New Game+ at some point to finish those up.

And here's a drawing that I did for my friend Laura since it was her birthday earlier this week!

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