Sunday, April 30, 2017

Art Slump

So I've been in an art slump recently... but how am I gonna cure it? Keep drawing!

I realized it might have been because I haven't worked on my story or really drawn my characters doing anything related to the story in forever. It's honestly been a few months since I really did. So it only makes sense.

So I have this massive folder with hundreds of documents related to my story. One of which is future plans with spoilers and things that haven't happened yet. I decided to compile those into one image file. I took one quote or made up one on the spot that correlates to each major story point that I have planned to take place next. I really need to start writing again so I can get my inspiration back. Just listening to music and reading stuff already helped a lot today.

(Also I got a bit of inspiration from P5's cellphone menu for the format of this)

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