Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm Back with Sketchbook Stuff!

I had an awesome trip to visit some friends, and I had a couple of really cool interviews. While I was away from my computer, I worked in my sketchbook a lot more. Also since Inktober started, I went marker shopping and bought some new toned grayscale markers that I fell in love with.

Now I'm back to posting daily for now!

I played around with some tones and drew Zandra.
(My scanner wasn't picking up the marker tones, so I ended up just having to take photos. Hopefully better ones will come in the future)

And these were some that I did where I mixed marker and pen, and it was probably my favorite look so far.
(I might have to get better quality versions of these at some point later)

These were my first initial marker sketches to try out my new markers.

Clove, Chozu, and Lonny

Some dog doodles.

First doodle I did after a long bus ride.

Annnd some Steak n Shake sketches!

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