Friday, October 21, 2016

Gozido & Quinn

Some daily characters!

Gozido is a powerful bounty hunter who works on his own. He works much differently than most, and hunts other bounty hunters rather than criminals. Gozido works for an independent organization who gives him big money for doing this. He often works his way in to make other bounty hunters become wanted as well, to make things more interesting for himself and to ruin their reputations. Kyoto and Saizo are both currently competing to who can kill him first, but he is also onto them.

Quinn is a knowledgeable member of the CrY family who collects information. Though, his information is not always correct, since he did confuse one of the talented Blue chefs for Punchy. Quinn is always doing research on many different people, both enemies and allies of the CrY family, so misinformation is not completely uncommon.

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