Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bubbleroot & Yanny

Some daily characters!

Bubbleroot is a skillful fashion designer who is the brains behind Hoedown Fox's group. She doesn't talk a whole lot, but hears and observes everything that happens. This is why she is such a valuable member to Hoedown Fox's team. She tells him everything, and may not share all of this valuable information with the group as a whole. Bubbleroot prefers to watch things happen from a distance, and doesn't directly involve herself.

Yanny is a very bubbly nurse from the Inferno Colony #3 who has hope for the future. She is very optimistic, even though hard times. Because of her stable job as a nurse, she is often overlooked and not harmed, like some of the other citizens of the Inferno Colony. Yanny is very good at keeping her patients comforted, even if things might look grim.

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