Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sazu & Ume

Some antagonist characters!

Sazu is a very dangerous assassin who is the leader of the Blue Blades. He is very powerful and shows no mercy. When he took The Nays Exam, he killed one of his opponents, which caused for his disqualification. Sazu will do whatever his clients request of him, no matter how many lives must be taken. He deemed the Light Festival Masquerade as the Light Festival Massacre because of how many he killed in the process.

Ume is a sneaky member of Kudamono's team. He has been playing The Game for a very long time, and therefore has night vision because of it. He always ensures that he gets a whip during The Game, because he has trained on how to use it to entrap his enemies. Ume's name means plum, which is why his favorite color is purple.

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