Sunday, September 18, 2016

Phil & Cool Dude

Some quick characters!

Phil is a serious manager at the Great Spa in Eustar World. Since he is one of the managers, he deals with the finances and makes sure that everyone pays their Carrotsnacks before leaving. Whenever someone does not pay, he makes sure to hunt them down and contact the leaders of Eustar World, in order to make sure he loses no money.

Cool Dude is a very persuasive young man who owns Tekk Party Central, a rival to the Party Place in PS World. He is not trustworthy at all, and is always telling lies to try and sell his Party Central and make it sound better than it is. He is into flashy things and loud music. Cool Dude claims that him and Gallu are friends so that he can gain more business, though Gallu probably doesn't even know who he is. He is very good at tricking others and even tricks Grenna into drinking some alcohol after forcefully bringing him to Tekk Party Central. He gains most of his business through telling lies and making up stories. 

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