Saturday, September 10, 2016

Noseid & Grimn

These were some daily characters that I spent more time rendering!

Noseid is a very awkward creature who loves drinking suntan lotion. He loves it so much that he even mixes it with other things to make unique suntan lotion flavors. Noseid does not have many friends in Biggert City, but he keeps his few friends that he does have, close. Noseid sells his successful suntan lotion bottles to trusted customers, and has tried to make them tastier, so that non-suntan lotion drinkers can learn about his favorite beverage.

Grimn is the temporary leader of the Revolution against Eustar and the Baby Council. Grimn is very wise and volunteers to lead the Revolution while Manny pursues his dreams to become a World Leader. He fights with a scythe and can often be reckless in battle, which led him to be captured once or twice by the Baby Council. Although, he does push to succeed in executing the Cocoa del Fuego plan.

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