Thursday, September 22, 2016

Judy & Mr. Q

Here were some fun characters!

Judy is one of Waga's very energetic nays who loves to play games, especially A Big Big House and DaisyButt Magical RPG. She is always asking Waga if she can play games with him. He often ends up putting Farill in charge of playing games with her though because of how much energy she has. Although she loves playing games, she often confuses the rules between them, but she is very adamant about arguing against Farill on what the correct rules are.

Mr Q is the very confident leader of the CrY family who enjoys cooking. His life-long goal and purpose in life is to start his own Gourmet Arena; a kitchen arena where chefs will come from all around The Worlds to compete for best cook. Mr Q is very observant and formal, always giving precise commands to his family members. He is overall very secretive and not much is known about his true identity.

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