Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Izzit & Shopi

Some more daily characters!

Izzit is a friendly creature who used to be the leader of the Little Kids Club... until his twin brother Question helped kick him out of leadership. He is very easily manipulated and has trouble leading, which is how he ended up losing his position as leader. He ends up taking a liking to Lev and begins calling her "Tastey Lev" because he wants to taste her. Izzit also often makes noises and mumbles to himself.

Shopi is a very friendly young boy who loves helping others. He and Hoplo have been best friends ever since they were little, so he will do anything he can to make Hoplo happy. Shopi is always smiling and wants to be surrounded by friends (even if it's just one of them). He likes to travel and will spread happiness wherever he goes.

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