Monday, September 12, 2016

Howie & Amaya

Some daily characters!

Howie is a headless bird who is made fun of and has been placed in the "Geeky Meteor Age" because of his handicap. Rotle, Gozo, and Gond are always offering to help him out, which makes him forever grateful. Howie cannot speak to others, but instead telepathically communicates with others. He doesn't like moving around much, because it is very difficult on his own, but his friends make his life a lot easier.

Amaya is a very shy girl who enjoys attending SN World festivals with friends. She is usually too nervous to ask friends to go, but when she does have the courage to ask, it can sometimes be to a stranger if she is desperate enough. She ends up asking Tenma when he attends the SN World festival, which is convenient for him. Although she doesn't talk about herself a whole lot, she does state her beliefs that she believes strongly in when needed. She does not believe in fortune telling and despises even hearing her fortune told.

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