Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy birthday, Undertale!

Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Undertale's release!

I didn't actually play Undertale until October 2015, but I knew it looked cool when it first came out. Since I first beat it with the neutral ending in October 2015, I also got the pacifist ending on my second run. I still need to get the genocide ending, and I'm sure I will try for it at some point soon. 

But in celebration of this, I drew some Undertale fanart! It started out as a sketch and then I decided to spend more time on it to actually finish it. I was originally going to doodle this and then play Undertale tonight, but it's gotten too late, that replaying the game will have to wait until another day. These characters were a lot of fun to draw though! And I even threw in a little process for how I got there, since I spent a little more time on this one!

The final drawing!

 It all started with this sketch!

 And then some base colors and line art

And then some shading with a dark background 

And then I added in the Undertale part in the back

And finally, I added a base for them to stand on and made the text a bit smaller in the back.

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