Monday, September 26, 2016

Eventure Sketching!

Recently I've been back to writing Eventures!! Meaning progression in my story. I even went back and started writing an earlier "Lost Eventure" where I had absolutely no plans beforehand and just started writing whatever came to mind. It was a fun little Eventure to do just for fun. But after writing, I decided to do some sketches based on those.

Also on a side note: I'm currently in the process of upgrading my desktop computer, meaning my Cintiq will be out of commission until that's done. I've been super busy with life and things, too, so updates will be a little slow the next few days. (Sorry I didn't post an update yesterday, I was super busy and didn't have time to!)

These ones are from the Finally Home Eventure. One that we've had planned for awhile, and finally got the chance to finish (when we finally got home, ourselves).

And then this one's of the "Lost Eventure," the Bobolo River Eventure. It's still mostly a secret right now, and not done yet!

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