Friday, September 16, 2016

Doom & Engleton

Some daily characters! I had fun rendering these ones.

Doom is the leader of Mantra, the underground area beneath Isamahii. He runs Mantra very distantly, and doesn't like to get involved in social gathers, like the other members of Outlaw Bar did. Doom prefers to be away from all of the parties and gatherings, which is why he hid their group underground; he also did this to avoid insiders from sneaking in.

Engleton governs Limoo Village and keeps the Limoos in check. He was once a loved leader that all of the Limoos loved, until he sent one to jail for misbehaving. This led the Limoos to start up a riot and want freedom and independence. Engleton is usually a very kind and loving leader who loves his people. When he was forced to do what he thought was best and actually imprison one of his own people, that was when trusts were broken.

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