Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bleek & Genson

Some more daily characters!

Bleek is a very eloquent sculptor who is wealthy because he won the lottery. He travels around with his group of friends, known as the Pearlies. Bleek is the level-headed one of the group, and knows how to collect his group whenever needed.

Genson was once a brave sailor who rode his submarine on the lake during an intense storm, but now he haunts that lake. On the night of the storm, he went to gather food for his village, but the storm tore his sub to pieces. He survived, but no one went to look for him, so he ended up drowning in the lake, later known as Genson Lake. He now seeks revenge on anyone who is unfortunate enough to fish in his water. He places spells on anyone who enters his haunted submarine. Once someone is on his haunted submarine for over 3 years, they become his eternal slave and "crewmate" for eternity. His sub travels throughout The Worlds, attempting to capture innocent seamen from all over.

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