Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back In the Sketchbook!

When I hung out at my friend's house the other week, I tried to draw in my sketchbook a lot more, since I have been kind of neglecting doing so recently.

I really like this trio a lot. And I threw Rudat in there too.

I drew this after trying out the new pumpkin milkshake at Steak n Shake. 

I liked doing that drawing of Clove. 

I did these after watching the new Dangan Ronpa anime. 

 Jinny and I were drawing a bunch of stuff on the same pages, so I ended up splicing together from the 7 pages that we did that day into just 2 of my own.

I started off by sketching Hillary's dog, and then it turned into drawing Cheato and Doge. 

 Last page of doodles I did that week.

Thinking of characters I haven't doodled as often.

Some of the first doodles I did as a warm-up.

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